OWD Course for beginners

I can breathe underwater what´s your superpower?
Be your own super hero and become a diver!
Every year more and more people are becoming a part of „diving family“, moreover diving has become a global hit.
Surranded by clear blue sea, beautiful flora and fauna, the feeling of floating , listening to your breath … are just a few things that will this adventure turn into an unforgettable experience.
Far away from everyday life and stressful situations diving is like anti-stress therapy.
Spring is coming and it is perfect time for new hobbies, let diving be one of them.
Diving Center Tramonto organizes OWD course ,maximum depth up to 18m.
Join us – fun and adventure are guaranteed .
Contact us in inbox or e-mail : divetramonto@divetramonto.com

Milan Colić
AOWI #47066